Through innovative tools and proactive collaboration, we give our clients accurate and timely costing information needed to deliver a project with the highest quality and value.


Palacio Collaborative works successfully with our Clients by listening first. We make sure we fully understand the Client’s vision, mission, hierarchy of goals and objectives, functional needs, and preferences and tailor our services to the Owner’s interest. Our Team is built around the unique requirements of each project and we hold ourselves, staff, consultants and contractors accountable to accomplishing each task with strong leadership, proactive thinking, and effective communication.


As leaders in cost management, we understand current market conditions and are able to project future construction trends. With the use of this information and our proprietary conceptual estimating tool, Genesys® , we help deliver projects with the highest quality and value. Below highlights the top reasons why clients continue to choose us.


Our unique project approach utilizes the most innovative technology and provides early steps for project success in the form of Cost Modeling, to reconcile both scope and budget. Throughout the design process, our Cost Management services and proactive communication maintain cost control and actively address cost impacts that may arise.


We respect our Clients budgets and have a proven track record in providing accurate and timely costing information. With the use of our proprietary conceptual estimating tool, Genesys® , we deliver projects with the highest quality and value.


Our comprehensive facility solutions deliver value in preserving the integrity of the design, eliminating value-engineering and re-design, and optimizing scope and quality. Our proven delivery process is established around collaborative and consensus building amongst the Design Team, Owner, Stakeholders, and End-Users.


Our firm works nationwide in a variety of market sectors. Our Team has over 150 years of combined experience including Certified Professional Estimators, a Registered Architect and LEED Accredited Professionals.

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