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Establishing a reconciled budget and scope is a critical first step toward project success. The earlier a Construction Cost Manager is introduced in the Design process, the greater an environment is created for proper project alignment.

Palacio Collaborative is able to provide Budgeting and Conceptual Estimating at the beginning of the Pre-design or programming stage. Our Cost Management services continue to accurately reflect project cost and control at every phase of the phase of the project to help the Owner and Project Team to create the most building the budget will allow.

We Let the Numbers Talk for Themselves!

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Michael and his staff have the proper tools, attitude, and tenacity to help move projects forward even when budgetary challenges come into view.

David McBrayer
Principal, Dir. of Education Studio
Lyman Davidson Dooley, Inc.

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We consider Palacio a go to member of our design team when making the hard decisions associated with design, budgeting and pricing.

David Hamilton

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For the programming process to be responsive to project budgets, we need a cost estimating platform that is responsive to changing criteria. Palacio's Genesys cost modeling tool is just that; quick and adaptable.

George Flynn


Flynn Finderup Architects

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