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Palacio Collaborative provides a unique approach that integrates Cost, Program, and Value Management that is tailored, accurate, timely, and effective.


Palacio Collaborative’s comprehensive facility solutions deliver value, in preserving the integrity of the design, eliminating value-engineering and re-design, and optimizing scope and quality.


Palacio Collaborative’s Leadership team includes Certified Professional Estimators, a Registered Architect and LEED Accredited Professional with over 100 years of combined experience.


Palacio Collaborative has provided services on projects that have achieved LEED Platinum and below can quantify LEED components and goals in the initial project stages.

Latest Projects

About Palacio Collaborative

Helping clients shape the world is what we do best at Palacio Collaborative. At our core, we are problem solvers and solution seekers that aid clients in navigating a path to project success. Through innovative tools and proactive collaboration, we give our clients accurate and timely costing information needed to deliver a project with the highest quality and value.


Palacio Collaborative, Inc. was founded in December 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia by Michael D. Palacio, as a full service Construction Cost Management firm. Palacio Collaborative’s primary services included Cost Modeling/ Budget Verification, Cost Management, and Value Management. The Palacio Collaborative team has worked on projects ranging from thousands of dollars to over $150 Million.


With offices in Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Maryland, we are able to provide accurate quality cost management in a variety of markets to better serve our clients. Having a highly experienced team with a deep level of expertise, collaborative spirit, and focus on customer service, Palacio Collaborative aims to exceed our client’s expectations on every project.


Palacio Collaborative is certified as a Minority Business in Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

Meet Our Team

Michael D. Palacio


President and Chief Cost Manager


Susan M. Smith


Vice President, Client Development and Technical Services

Renwick “Terry” Dickerson


Vice President, Cost Management


Latarsha Bailey


Vice President, Operations and Marketing

Jodie Kyle


Senior Mechanical Cost Manager

Candy Swanson


Senior Electrical Cost Manager

Kerron Evans


Senior Cost Manager

Tony Murphy


Senior Cost Manager

Justin M. Landry


Senior Cost Manager

Kaye Smith


Senior Cost Manager

Vita Spear


Cost Manager

Our Advantages

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    Palacio Collaborative has a specialized Cost Modeling system unique to our company that assists in understanding, setting and reconciling project scope and budget. This is the critical first step in improving the opportunity for project success.

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    Palacio Collaborative has provided Cost Management services on projects that have achieved LEED Platinum and below. We understand the cost impact and implications of sustainable building elements even at the initial project stages.
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    Palacio Collaborative’s Leadership team is highly qualified for the job. Owner and Chief Cost Manager, Michael D. Palacio, is a Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) with over 20 years as a professional Cost Consultant.
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    Palacio Collaborative understands current market conditions and is able to project future construction trends.

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    Palacio Collaborative has proven success in challenging the Contractors within the CM-at-risk delivery method to provide fair and competitive estimates. We have successfully and aggressively worked on Contractor Estimate Review and Reconciliations to preserve building value.