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Palacio At-A-Glance

  • Offices in GA, NC, SC, TX, and LA

  • Minority certified in several states


  • 150+ years of team estimating experience

  • Leader in higher education & S+T facilities


  • Leader in conceptual cost modeling / target value design with the use of our proprietary tool Genesys® 

Solution-driven companies choose 

Palacio Collaborative.

Innovative Approach

Companies partner with Palacio for our unrivaled industry-knowledge and innovative tools, which provides confidence in the final package.

Collaborative Process

Companies value Palacio's ability to collaborate early in a project resulting in effectively producing quick, accurate estimates.

Value-Added Solutions

Companies choose Palacio as their go-to estimating firm because of our ability to ensure the integrity of the design while getting the most out of the budget.

Proven Accuracy

Companies are highly impressed with Palacio's consistent accuracy, which sets up the project early on for project success.


We are a minority-owned construction cost and value management firm working nationwide in a variety of market sectors. Our team has over 150 years of combined experience.


Our comprehensive facility solutions deliver value in preserving the integrity of the design, eliminating value-engineering and re-design, and optimizing scope and quality. 


Our catalog of projects range from new build, renovations to studies in most industry markets, including higher education, PK-12 Education, civic, science & technology,  commercial, and others.


Through innovative tools and proactive collaboration, we give our clients accurate and timely costing information needed to deliver a project with the highest quality and value.

We are leading the way in cost management with our estimating expertise and proprietary conceptual modeling tool, Genesys®

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