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We work with clients to design legal spaces that ensures occupant safety and security, create efficient and accessible circulation functionally, and increases long-term operational costs. Our experience ranges from judicial chambers, law schools, single courtrooms to large judicial centers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Courthouses

  • Correctional Facility

  • Detention Center

  • Juvenile Facility

  • Law School/Library



judicial projects estimated


military projects estimated


years of combined team experience


square feet of cost estimated in 2023

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Columbus Courthouse - front.png

General Services Administration
Columbus Courthouse Renovation

Client/Architect: Houser Walker Architecture

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Choosing the right partners in any endeavor is the key to success and we chose Palacio Collaborative to help us ensure we fully vetted and challenged any companies interested in joining us for the journey.

Stanford Scott

Program Management Head, US Operations

UCB Pharmaceuticals

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Palacio Collaborative has consistently provided solid independent costing and cost management assistance starting with the earliest programming phases.

Jim Winer
Make3 Architecture

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When it comes to establishing a solid cost model for a project, Palacio’s has been and continues to be a huge resource for us.

David N. Brown
Studio Director
Jericho Design Group

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